RAYBEN DIAGNOSTICS offers a wide range of diagnostic health care tests and service is provided 24/7. Our laboratorium has:

  1. state-of-the-art equipment for fast and accurate testing
  2. the clinical expertise for intrepretation of your test results
  3. the ability to provide consultation for your physician

If you are unable to come to the laboratory, we will come to you and collect your sample(s) upon request once an appointment is made. An additional service is provided to diabetic patients. These patients will be contacted on a regular basis for structural testing and adequately keeping the effects of diadetes under control.

In the near future we will provide educational information sessions at schools and universities on how to live healthy and hygienic to help prevent diseases. On numerous occasions we will visit villages and other rural areas to also give educational information on how to live healthy and hygienic.

Further, we hope to contribute to lowering the unnecessarily use of antibiotics and teach awareness of compliance when using a course of antibiotics, therefore helping to prevent the further spread of resistance among bacteria to antibiotics.